InFranchise has been funded in 2015  with a model of supply chain management, especially in distribution and retail markets.

With local businesses data that have established links through our distribution and retail network, we have officially developed a successful franchise connection in Vietnam via offline for local franchisors. (2017 to 2019). In Decembe

r 2019, we transformed the franchise model by applying online information technology through for international businesses, which more than 20,000 potential local franchisees registering for transactions.
With the strong background we have, we believe in bringing opportunities for the international franchisor to promote and enter Vietnam in the future. As well as bringing potential franchise brands for Vietnamese franchisee.

We have a professional team to carefully prepare the franchisor’s profile, before approaching potential franchisees. Therefore, we conduct meetings, introduce and negotiate with the franchisee on behalf of the franchisor. With the barriers will be shortened, Vietnam is considered a young market, a large population and especially developing countries with the widest infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

InFranchise is supporting the most potential information and analysis to evaluate and quickly ma

ke investment decisions for any franchisee as well as advice to expedite the implementation of a business plan