Baked Magic

Baked Magic

BAKED MAGIC is a cream puff specialty shop for third generation that creative delicious smile ring, and we pay a lot of attention to carefully selected ingredients and freshly baked sweets. Based on the merit of cream puff specialty shop for the first generation that regularly spread the cream puff with making luxury foods reasonable foods and cream puff specialty shop for the second-generation that offered freshly baked goods with demonstration sales, we pay a lot of attention to select area and quality of and quality, and how to make.
As a puff cream specialty shop, we fulfill customersʼ needs with reasonable price range from 160 to 220 yen, and also work on souvenirs and events demand with various high-priced goods developed at headquarters Sweets Labo and seasonal limited goods like Christmas.


Awesome! Development and Spread capabilities of 「Baked Magic」 !

Amazing development speed and variation that not makes consumers tired! We have product development capabilities to create a matrix to create hit products
form a line one after another.
There are rich crisp flavorʼs cream puffs, scorched caramel milk puffs,
brulee balm of scorched egg sauce,cheesecake rusk, golden caramel pie and so on.
Hit sellers are produced one after another. There are various products in each categories, and it combines idea and technology that can be created infinitely.
*We will develop many items throughout every year in the future.

② Create various products that the media focus on! Baked Magic is magical sweets with spread capabilities
that published many popular information programs and well-known magazines.
While caring about materials, we create new trendy sweets even though it is classic sweets.

Business model
Business conditions Freshly baked 2 tone Cream Puff Specialty Shop
Target customers Women in late twenties to forties
Target locations Shopping center and mall,

 shop  in train station

average customer spend From 900 to 1,200 yen
Payback period:
Average turnover per month:
Franchise fees:
Other current payments:
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Expense Items Amount Breakdown
Initial cost Numver of stores For each store
Admission fee USD30,000/store
Food deposit USD20,000 for first store only
Store Operations and Cooking Training costs in Japan USD3,000 for Per store
Design costs(included planning and layout cost) USD10,000 for Per store
Open support costs For one store, USD 10,000, transportation fee, accommodation fee, food expenses. For 2 and later stores, decide according to your wishes


License Monthly fee USD1,000/store
Vest of Exclusive rights Exclusive Area License fee USD200,000/brand

Continuation condition

①Open more than 3 stores within one year from the date of signing the contract.

②Open more than 10 stores within 3 years from the date of signing the contract.


Baked Magic

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