Unique Business Proposition

  • New ownership and management: additional resources have led to record systemwide sales each year since 2009.
  • Low start up cost and overhead: to build out each market, you’ll need little more than a vehicle, insurance, a home office and reorders of consumable supplies.
  • Strong customer base: we have established an impressive list of leading hospitality industry clients, including Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Trump, InterContinental, Four Seasons, Accor, Radisson and Fairmont.
  • Little start-up downtime: from chemicals and equipment to brochures and newsletters, you’ll have everything you need to begin ramping up sales soon after operations commence.
  • Training and support: we provide extensive hands-on training, at our corporate offices and in your own area as well as on and ongoing and follow-up basis when desired.
  • Specialized, low competition, high barrier to entry business: our multi-year preferred vendor agreements and well-regarded reputation protect us from competition.
  • Proprietary cleaning methods: Renue’s Rapid Revenue Restoration system consists of carpet cleaning, hard surface maintenance, marble restoration, stain removal, odor control and water remediation.
  • Continual research and development: we test the latest chemicals and equipment, resulting in our two private label lines of chemicals – including one meeting the highest environmental standards.
  • Growing market: the trend is for our customers to increasingly rely on experts to maintain their properties, allowing them to focus on their guests.
  • Compelling customer proposition: we are a cost effective, high quality, comprehensive solution.
  • Industry leaders: we are the largest company of our type in the world.
  • Significant growth potential: while the focus is on the hospitality industry there is much potential to service other customers with high quality needs as well.

About Renue

Since our founding in 1991 Renue Systems® has become known within the hospitality industry as an authority and trusted partner in assisting our customers with many of their critical needs. We are preferred vendor partner with a number of leading and well-known international hotel flags who turn to us to address their comprehensive deep cleaning needs for carpets, drapes, upholstery, tile and grout, and marble/natural stone, among other services.

We are looking for high quality people with entrepreneurial spirit to join our franchisee team. Single and multi-franchisee/development/master franchisee opportunities are available.

Would you like to service large and well known international customers, who for many your company is a preferred vendor?

How would you like to have a business in a fairly noncompetitive, high barrier to entry industry segment that is increasingly seeking expert vendor partners to assist them?

If this sounds attractive to you, we suggest you consider a development opportunity with Renue Systems, a 30 year-old U.S.-based company that is the largest deep cleaning vendor for all the flags of large hotel companies such as Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental, Best Western and others.

While an infrastructure and a marketing background is needed, previous industry experience is not required to join us. You will benefit from our marketing support and our technical package which includes the finest equipment as well as full training and ongoing support. Our relationships with international customers will help jumpstart sales.

Renue Systems offers the seasoned entrepreneur a chance to enter an attractive, relatively noncompetitive high margin industry segment with low start-up and overhead expenses. Under new ownership and management since January 2010, the franchise system has experienced record systemwide sales each year since then and has a number of growth initiatives underway.


  • Extensive initial training in your office.
    On-site visit to reinforce training for new development partner and meet with customers and prospects.
  • Within one to two months, an on-site visit to reinforce training for new development partner and meet with customers and prospects.
  • Training at least annually encouraged to broaden services offered.
  • Franchisor periodically introduces new services and revenue streams.
  • Devoted phone, video and email support for rapid response to any operational questions that arise.


  • Dedicated telemarketing resources to call customers and prospects on behalf of the development partner.
  • Arrange meetings and free demonstrations, which go a long way to obtaining business.
  • Assistance in proposal generation and pricing guidance.
  • Regular customer newsletters and periodic mailings.
  • High quality hard and soft copy brochures.
  • Yearly office visits to attend sales calls.
  • Trade show booths available to franchisees.
  • Sponsorship of customer conferences.
  • Franchisor endeavors to establish new international preferred vendor status agreements.
  • Customer rebates paid by franchisor encourages corporate customers to market our services to all their properties.

Investor Profile

  • Marketing focused and proactive by nature.
  • Technical skills not required.
  • Infrastructure developed to establish presence in each metro market.
  • Responsive and professional to service customers that operate 24/7 in dynamic environments.
  • English speaking to enable communication with customers.
  • Ability to work closely with us to enable faster growth with international clientele.

Available Locations

      •  UK
      •  Europe
      •  Middle East
      •  Asia
      •  Latin America
      •  South East Asia

Operational Locations

    • USA (26)
    • Canada (1)
    • France (1)
    • Qatar (1)
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